"She could feel the ocean on her body"

Location: The Ark

MEDIUM: Oil on canvas


SIZE:  94 x 117cm

Value: $2,500AUD

Reserve: $1,750AUD

He Could see it in his minds eye A-C Goo

“He could see it in his minds eye”

Location: Mosman Travel

MEDIUM: Oil on canvas in a tassie oak box frame


SIZE:  117 x 98cm

Value: $2,500AUD

Reserve: $1,750AUD

Anna-Carien Goosen.jpeg

Anna-Carien Goosen

I observe the physical and emotional space around individuals. I notice the beauty of the human form and the intricacies of body language. Sometimes a mind can be read on a body.


My paintings portray an ambiguous space where interior and exterior reality merge. I chose to see the beautiful in this world even as I observe its contradictions and absurdities.


I work in series according to the theme currently occupying my thoughts. These become records of my perceptions as I move through life and I hope viewers of my work can resonate with similar experiences or perceptions.