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Anthony Wood A Hint of Bridge.jpg

A Hint of Bridge

MEDIUM: Oil on Belgian linen


SIZE:  97 x 66cm


Lately I have been painting city scapes due to our restrictions. I am interested in the play of light on form and how forms interact with each other. The city provides endless variation, different views, times of day, it catches my attention every time I venture out of my gate.

Value: $1,100AUD

Tony Wood.jpg

Born in England, I am a proud Australian citizen and Sydney resident. Being drawn to art is imprinted in my earliest memories. That captivation turned into a passion that, over the years, led to me attending several UK-based art schools and, finally, the prestigious Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney. A figurative painter, I explore and combine the elements of form and light to create emotive images. The feeling a subject matter evokes takes precedence over individual components, and I frequently choose not to faithfully reproduce what exists.

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