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Bronwyn Woodley Graham In Stillness.jpg

In Stillness

MEDIUM: Oil and acrylic on canvas


SIZE: 60 x 50cm

Value: $1,700AUD

Bronwyn Woodley-Graham Sparkling Afternoon.jpg

Sparkling Afternoon

MEDIUM: Oil and acrylic on linen


SIZE:  91 x 122cm (unframed)

Value:$4,560 AUD


I am very influenced by the places I visit and see around me. My paintings are a response to this. Most of my work is painted from imagination with no reference to actuality but rather from memories. Sometimes I combine various aspects to create a place I would just enjoy being in. I try to resurrect not only visual aspects but also the feeling and emotion that make each place unique and special. I want to leave the viewer free to interpret the work through their own subjective view.


Sydney-based artist Bronwyn Woodley Graham has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally in Europe and the UK. Her works have been featured in multiple publications and are held in private and public collections in Australia, Hong Kong, UK and USA. Bronwyn trained in the classical style of the old masters and oils are her most loved medium. She began painting professionally in 2001, after a career as a graphic artist and signwriter, and her landscapes are more interpretive than realistic in style, capturing a unique mood and memory of place. She allows enough ambiguity in her subject for the viewer to imagine their own story, being beckoned into the scene and set free to explore and create their own personal journey.

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