Carlos Barrios

Barren Grounds

Location: Brunskills Pharmacy

ARTIST: Carlos Barrios

MEDIUM: Oil on linen


SIZE:  58x58cm


Barren Grounds is a beautiful national park situated between Robertson in the Southern Highlands and the south coast, on the escarpment. We used to live in the area a few years ago and I would take my family for walks there.

It is full of interesting specimens of nature. Because of its geographical situation, it is home to a lot of different kinds of vegetation. In some parts, you can view the ocean on one side and Kangaroo Valley on the other. From small pockets of rainforest to waterholes and small shrubs on the top windy eroded hills, it is a great place to explore the imagination and spiritual vibe of this land.

I used to go sometimes alone or with other artists to sketch the place, have a walk, and end with a swim in the waterholes.  This painting is a memory of that place.


Value: $3,000AUD

Reserve: $2,000AUD

Carlos Barrios, born in El Salvador in Central America, now lives and works in Queensland. His father was an archaeologist and he grew up exploring remnants of ancient cultures and surrounded by artifacts and art.


Carlos began painting figures and creatures from his imagination at the age of six. However, when he was ten, civil war broke out and he found himself illustrating the horrific scenes of war.


The main focus of his artworks is to paint the good he believes is in everyone. This is the reason many of his paintings are filled with figures. 


Barrio has been a finalist in several art prizes including the Blake Prize, Sulman Prize, NSW Plein Air Art Prize and the Fisher Ghost Art Prize.