Carlos Barrios Caring_edited.jpg


Location: Brunskills Pharmacy

ARTIST: Carlos Barrios

MEDIUM: Oil on board (framed)


SIZE:  40 x 48cm


This little painting is about the mother and child relationship, about loving and letting go of the kid to explore their own identity.

Value: $2,000AUD

Reserve: $1,600AUD

Carlos Barrios HS.jpg

Carlos Barrios was born in El Salvador, Central America in 1966 and migrated to Australia in 1990. He discovered painting at the age of six and has never stopped creating work since then, representing his personal view of the world and vivid imagination. Carlos says, ”Many years have brought new experiences, adventures, travels, people, places. Some moments filled to overflowing with inspiration and others empty, devoid of sensation. The best moments are those in connection with a pencil or a brush dancing over a piece of paper or canvas. Art makes me aware of different levels of existence within the universe, sometimes revealing many questions and other times great understandings.”