Chantel Mahoney
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Chantal Mahoney 

From figurative to abstract, free spirit and adventurer my Artworks reflect my journey and my experiences in life. My approach is based on personally felt impulses and is quite process-orientated, like a free improvisation on the keyboard of colours. In my recent work, through my interpretation of the natural world, I wish the viewer to travel on large lyrical colourful abstracted pieces made of multi-layered textured surface.

Value: $3,500AUD

Reserve: $3,000AUD

Cry my darling river

Location: Warwick Dawson

ARTIST: Chantal Mahoney

MEDIUM: Mixed media on board


SIZE:  120 x 120cm


Nurrewin, I discover this land 

high on the hills

forest of ancient trees, large rocks

mysterious sandstone caves

going back to Nature

isolation, solitude, wilderness

the drought

fears of the bushfire

is the land talking to me?

I am listening



I don’t truly understand

sometimes the land is silent

at times

I hear the murmurs

sharp or soft

they travel deeply inside 

close to the heart

memories of the land, secret messages

mysterious murmurs

I contemplate

the land is alive

the murmurs like a gift

a link

a bond

the sign of a deeper connection 

an attachment