Chantal Mahoney Revival.jpg


ARTIST: Chantal Mahoney

MEDIUM: Mixed media on board (acrylic, pigments, oil, wax)


SIZE:  91.5 x 91.5cm


 The streams of Nurrewin rarely flow. These are vulnerable, intermittent waters. The burned land was only charcoal and ash, then the rain came and the streams started flowing again, heralding regeneration. This is the starting point of Intermittences, a new series of abstract paintings by Chantal Mahoney. The unpredictability of life also inspired the work: the perpetual interruptions and pauses, the time signposted which no longer exists, and makes loops, convolutions, arabesques. By transcribing the vibration of the times in painting, the artist expresses her dreams of what is to come… the resounding return of Life.

Value: $2,500AUD

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Chantal Mahoney is a free spirit. Her artworks are colourful and without boundaries and reflect her feelings and experiences in life.She started her artistic journey with figurative paintings and drawings about human emotions, performance and body in movement: tango and flamenco dancers, circus and clowns, tribal and Venetian masks, and performers. Chantal is also a musician (piano and accordion), exploring the relationship between colours and music. She then moved towards abstraction, composing lyrical, colourful pieces made of multi-layered textured surfaces. More recently her art practice has been inspired by the natural world, in particular Nurrewin, an old land on the hills of the Wollombi Valley. Chantal was born in Toulouse, France and moved to Beijing, China in 1996 then Sydney, Australia in 1998, where she completed a Fine Art degree at the National Art School in 2004. She has had 10 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows in Australia and France. Her work is in many Australian and overseas collections.