Christabel Blackman

The Cats Dream

Location: Kidstuff

ARTIST: Christabel Blackman

MEDIUM: Oil on cotton canvas


SIZE:  61 x 81cm


My paintings are invitations into an imaginary world, a floating dream with an anchor in the present. Essentially figurative, the pure colours are placed like veils to create the image and in this way also create a depth that is both material and ephemeral. “The Cats Dream” is from my personal favourite series of cats in gardens. The White Cat symbolises the self, the silent witness, and the inhabiter of dreams. I wish to create a place of reflection and fantasy where the onlooker is a participant and the painting becomes a backdrop for their own thoughts and emotions.

Value: $1,350AUD

Reserve: $900AUD


Christabel Blackman is both a Visual Artist and a Fine Art Conservator. At a young age she was studio assistant for her father the iconic Australian artist Charles Blackman. She was taught oil painting techniques, composition and the symbolic language of art. Her formal training was in Florence, Paris, Sydney and Valencia. She holds a M.A. in Science for Art Conservation. She has lived half her life in Sydney and her other many lives in Europe, she speaks five languages. Christabel is represented by several major private galleries throughout Australia and has often exhibited in Europe