Dana Dion Rebirth Near the Lake.jpg

Rebirth Near the Lake

ARTIST: Dana Dion

MEDIUM: Mixed media and acrylic on canvas in charcoal box frame


SIZE:  137 x 137cm

Value: $6,650AUD


My paintings aim to connect and express the experience of being in Landscape, incorporating the memories of the many places I grew up and lived in. And seeking to be part of it, to belong, to feel it, sense it, capturing movements, sounds and fragrance. Experiences and feelings of nature are taken back to my studio. I start painting and forget every thought except the experienced sensations. I use much paint and, while painting, move energetically to allow movement to initiate rhythms and flow.

Intuition of the landscape and boldness drive the work, exploring the interaction of vegetation, rocks, hills, lakes and water. Encapsulating the intimacy of the landscape: the slow-moving flux of trees, leaves and branches, disappearing and reappearing, and the subtle changes in light, space and texture.

This process parallels my life: constant moving, changes of climate, human interaction, unions and separations - the past informing who I am now and the new exploiting and building on the past. Helping me be centred and grounded to be here and now. This is what I get from being in nature. This is why I paint.