Katherine Castillo Alférez Rhino.JPG

Rhino Fungi

ARTIST: Katherine Castillo Alférez

MEDIUM: Bronze cast sculpture (2 of 15)


SIZE: length 400mm, height 350mm, width 100mm


As part of the one big ecosystem we are, we need to learn how to carry one another. It can definitely make our heavy weight more bearable, and nature will always be there for us. Extinction is as harsh as it sounds.

Value: $6,000AUD

Katherine Castillo Alferez.jpeg

Katherine was born in Bogota, Colombia. She discovered her flair for sculpture at a young age, then moved to Sydney in 2008 but only later pursued a full-time arts career. In 2016 Katherine commenced working for the Australian Bronze foundry at North Head in Manly, and founded the Manly Sculpture School in 2020. She loves to explore surrealism inspired by her fascination for figurative art. Her most notable work is the life-sized sculpture of two youngsters at the Children’s Hospital Bear Cottage in Manly. In 2020 Katherine was awarded first place in the Harbour Sculpture exhibition in Balmain.

Instagram: kca_artist and manlysculptureschool