Native Foliage

Location: Evoka Sydney 

ARTIST: Katherine Castillo Alférez

MEDIUM: Bronze cast sculpture


SIZE: 25cm (length) x 70cm (height) x 20cm (width)  Weight 25kg


I love walking around nature, it helps me to realise that no matter where we all come from, we become one big ecosystem. We relate to the native foliage that grows on each land, like the moss, we cover the planet and we can either thrive or take over. However, if we build a sense of belonging we can always create a better place for ourselves and others. The fact that 2020 has been a year of forbidden travel, maybe it's just a new opportunity for us to enjoy and appreciate our own grounds.

Value: $17,500AUD

Reserve: $17,500AUD


Katherine Castillo Alferez was born in Bogota, Colombia, and she discovered her flair for sculpture at a young age. She moved to Sydney in 2008 but only later pursued a full time arts career. In 2016 Katherine commenced working for a foundry at North Head, Manly NSW, where she started the Manly Sculpture School in 2020. Katherine loves to explore surrealism inspired by her fascination for figurative art. Her most notably work is the life-size sculpture of two youngsters located at the Children’s Hospital Bear Cottage Manly. Most recently in November 2020 Katherine was awarded first place at the Harbour Sculpture Balmain Sydney.

Instagram: kca_artist and manlysculptureschool