Marie Schlederer

Ethereal Dusk

Location: Vernon Partners

ARTIST: Marie Schlederer

MEDIUM: Oil on canvas


SIZE: 91.5 x 91.5cm


Marie Schlederer’s unusual technique produces engaging and ethereal paintings which are primarily aimed at motivating and inspiring the human spirit - a goal they achieve in refreshing and delightful ways. Through the repeated applications of thin layers of paint and organic, fluid and lucid marks, Schlederer imbues her canvases with a sense of movement and depth. Describing humans as “vibrational beings”, the artist states “Colour and images affect our emotions, health, energy levels, beliefs and experiences. I want to inspire people to see themselves and the world from a whole new perspective.” 

Value: $2,000AUD

Reserve: $1,750AUD

Marie_Schlederer 1.jpg

Marie is very much like a Hummingbird, the title and inspiration of her last show. A playful spirit, who inspires joy and happiness in people around her.  As a child, Marie even believed she could fly. 


“Painting is my way of making a difference” says Marie. “I tell visual stories using colours and shapes which will hopefully inspire or help people connect on a different level to themselves and the world around them. One of her favourite artists, Henry Moore once said: “There are universal shapes to which everybody is sub-consciously conditioned and to which they can respond if their conscious control does not shut them off”  – Henry Moore