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Mia Taffel_Mosman ferry on glossy water_edited.jpg

Mosman Ferry on Glossy Water

Location: Kidstuff

ARTIST: Mia Taffel

MEDIUM: Oil on canvas


SIZE:  61 x 41.5cm


This good-naturedly muttering ferry is monologuing a running commentary of small noises and humming, as it manoeuvres its way towards the jetty. It is a slightly dreamlike scene, since there are no buildings or other boats, and we don’t usually come across ferries talking to themselves.

Value: $800AUD

Reserve: $800AUD

Mia Taffel HS.jpg

The path to this most recent work has meandered through many variations of style and materials, from tiny hand-made black and white comics, to oversized triptychs painted in pure primary colours on board. As is no doubt immediately obvious, my work is highly political… the party line is ‘we like making beautiful things’. It is in direct opposition to violence and disrespect. It’s important to me that the balance of each work is pleasing, yet with an adamance of character that slowly grows familiar with time. I like my work to be a friend to the viewer.

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