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BELGIORNO Michelle_Crevice.jpg


ARTIST: Michelle Belgiorno

MEDIUM: Oil on linen


SIZE:  71 x 71cm


Daily walks and paddles around the foreshores of Sydney Harbour have helped maintain mental and physical wellbeing in the face of uncertainty during the Covid pandemic. I became inspired by the complexity and beauty of the natural environment; the layered forms, the textures, cracks and crevices, and the regenerative role of decay in the cycle of life.

Value: $1,400AUD

Michelle Begiorno.jpg

Michelle Belgiorno has been a practicing artist for 25 years, exhibiting in Sydney and Tokyo and selected as a finalist in the Mosman Art Prize, Paddington Art Prize and Portia Geach Memorial Prize. Her cross-media practice includes oil painting, sculpture and collaborative fabric-based installations, with work held in the Australian War Memorial and Cowra Regional Gallery. A long-term interest has been the culture of Japan, drawing on a forty-plus year engagement with Japanese aesthetics, society and language. In recent times, due to Covid restrictions, Michelle’s focus has been closer to home, inspired by daily walks and paddles around the foreshores of Sydney Harbour. Recent works highlight the delicate balance of the natural world in the face of population growth and climate change. Michelle holds a BA Fine Art from the National Art School, a BA Honours in Japanese and a Master of Commerce.

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