Rod Grant

Heat and Shards

ARTIST: Rod Grant

MEDIUM: Mixed media


SIZE: 28 x 28cm 


This print is about the aftermath of the bush fires in early 2020. The reference point is on the north coast on the road to Old Bar and the devastation the fire caused. It is about the random nature of how some houses were untouched and others were left in a heated mess of destruction. To see people looking at what was once their home and trying to sort out what was left created a very harrowing scene. This collagraph touches upon the wind, grit and heat. This coastal region is now regrowing but the scars are still very much in evidence.

Value: $350AUD

Reserve: $250AUD

Rod Grant Headshot

I have been teaching at Mosman High School since 1987. I was appointed Head teacher Visual Art in 2000. Although I have exhibited in quite a variety of different media forms, including painting, drawing and photography, the area I have focused on has been collagraph printmaking. In this medium I have exhibited regularly since 1996.