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Sophie Cape Going with a grave truth.tiff

Going with a grave truth

ARTIST: Sophie Cape

MEDIUM: Charcoal pigment and acrylic on canvas


SIZE: 150 x 100cm


This work was undertaken in response to an area recently violated by the summer bushfires. A landscape that offers up in full reality the brutal truth of the survival and decay of life. She seeks the Sublime balance between the beauty and horror that is the reality of our very human existence. 

Value: $16,500AUD

Sophie Cape_Photo Sarah Enright.jpg


Cape’s works are like performances, or action paintings, using only the local material of the location. The soil as colour, trees as brushes, burnt bones as charcoal, sticks to draw with.She leaves the works out in the landscape, sleeping nearby for weeks at a time. Nature plays a vital role in permeating the works.They get rained on, burnt, washed away, animals sleep on them and so on. The unknown element of Nature and its
effect upon the process is exhilarating – a substitute for the adrenalin rush of having been a professional athlete. By wrestling with nature, a cathartic means of processing past traumas is realised.

Instagram: _lone_wolf_

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