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Fire and Ash 2017

Location: Manyara Home

ARTIST: Sophie Cape

MEDIUM: Ash, soil, charcoal, acrylic, oil, bone and blood


SIZE: 102 x132cm 


This work was undertaken in response to an area recently violated by the summer bushfires. A landscape that offers up in full reality the brutal truth of the survival and decay of life. She seeks the Sublime balance between the beauty and horror that is the reality of our very human existence. 

Value: $15,000AUD

Reserve: $13,000AUD

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Previously an aspiring Olympic athlete in both Downhill Ski Racing and Track Sprint Cycling, Cape was forced to retire due to excessive injuries. After such a devastating loss, she found a process that has filled the adrenalin and competitive void that she so missed. Working outside in the landscape, sleeping with the works for weeks at a time. Using locally found materials, such as soil as pigment, charcoal to draw with, bones as tools, branches as brushes. She allows the weather and the elements to destroy and shift the works and revels in this uncontrolled excitement.

Sophie Cape is a renowned Australian Artist. Cape has had sell-out solo shows with OLSEN Gallery and Internationally for the past 12 years. She has been a finalist and winner in multiple major art prizes. Notably winning the Portia Geach for her portrait ‘Romper Stomper’ of actor Dan Wyllie. And been awarded artist residencies in Paris, Poland, Austria, Berlin, UK, China, and throughout Australia. Among much press, Cape has been the feature of the SMH Spectrum “Brushes with Death”, The Cover of Artist Profile Magazine “Getting the Art Fix”. And the feature of Australian Story “Adrenaline Brush - Sophie Cape”.

Instagram: _lone_wolf_