A quiet walk.jpg

Past the wetlands

Location: Fox and Dove

ARTIST: Vanessa Ashcroft

MEDIUM: Acrylic and mixed media on canvas


SIZE: 104 x 104cm

Value: $3,080AUD

Reserve: $2,200AUD

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A quiet place in time

Location: Bec + Bridge

ARTIST: Vanessa Ashcroft

MEDIUM: Acrylic and mixed media on canvas


SIZE: 122 x 122cm

Value: $4,180AUD

Reserve: $3,500AUD

Vanessa head shot.jpg

Vanessa is an accomplished Australian artist living and painting in Brisbane Waters National Park, Patonga on the Central Coast. 


Vanessa facilitates and runs workshops in Patonga, has been invited to judge Art Prizes, is mentor to emerging artists and is Managing Director of ART GALLERY on Darling in Balmain.   Vanessa created ART GALLERY on Darling early on 2017 after 3 ½ years of the very successful Hunters Hill Art Gallery and then moved to the new premises in Balmain.  It is a very successful not for profit gallery with Vanessa as the CEO running and managing the gallery, exhibiting and selling her work.  Her work is collected by investors from around the world and followed by collectors & investors. 


Working with mixed media, work on metal, oils and polymer Vanessa’s work is known for its diversity, freshness and expressive form and line.  Her landscape work is recognisable with her obvious style and mix of colour, texture and tone.


Working in Patonga and surrounded by National Park Vanessa’s work is forever evolving as she uses all mediums as she is drawn into the enveloping landscape to express the forever changing vista which is eroding, decaying, regenerating and rebuilding around her.  The form of the water as it creeps into the darkest recesses and it finds its place creating contours and shapes, light and dark, shadows and form.


Looking for new ways to express the landscape, Vanessa takes to mixed media using the drawings to create larger-scale works then transposes onto linen canvas and large works on paper concentrating on special awareness, decluttering and minimising the final artwork.